How It’s affecting us

Did you know that pollution is one of the global killers, and is affecting over 100 Million people, that’s almost the same amount of people with diseases like malaria and HIV. Also did you know that in 1975 a national academy of sciences estimated that, cargo ships and cruise liners dumped 14 billion pounds of garbage in the ocean . Also did you know that over 1 million seabirds and, 100,000 sea mammals are killed each and every year by pollution. Also did you know that people that live in places with high polluted areas have a bigger chance of dieing.


Most polluted areas/ cites

The most polluted areas and cities are

-Zabol (Iran) 217.

-Gwalior (Indian) 176.

-Allahabad (India) 170.

-Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) 156.

-Al Jubail (Saudi Arabia) 152.

-Patna (India) 149.

-Raipur (India) 144.

-Bamenda (Cameroon) 132. causes-garbage-pollution_92d40eabdcd3da11  I chose this photo because it’s showing how much pollution there is in the world


Climate Change May Be More Severe Than You Think…

Climate change is one of today’s most pressing matters in the global community. Climate change is the change in weather patterns that have been the same for a long period of time.
You may ask how climate change happens, and I’ll tell  you. The sun keeps us warm by providing heat from its rays that it emits. The sun’s rays shine on Earth and the atmosphere bounces some back, but also traps some heat too. The atmosphere is like an insulation, and without that insulation, we will all freeze to death. The atmosphere is made up of gases and one of them is Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which also acts as one of the insulators in the atmosphere. Carbon is found in many places like plants and even in us! We release it in the form of a gaseous state (CO2) into the atmosphere by different activities like burning fossil fuels. In addition to releasing various greenhouse gases by natural phenomenon, more greenhouse gases are released by human activities (industrial etc.) Since we do that, the atmosphere has increased in percentage of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. “Today’s atmosphere contains 42 per cent more carbon dioxide than it did before the industrial era.”I found the quoted part here: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/issues/climate-change/science/climate-change-basics/climate-change-101-1/
Some effects of climate change are … more frequent phenomenons like ‘El Niño and La Niña,’ unpredictable weather globally, the melting of polar icecaps, flooding of low lying land masses, adverse health conditions due to extreme weather, disruption of local ecosystem resulting in loss of plants and animals, endangerment of various species due to change in climatic conditions, and loss of life and property resulting in economic burden.
Being a big issue observed globally, there was an urgent need identified by all countries and various attempts were made to understand and rectify the problem with minimum impact to the economy.
Some ways countries are trying to reduce the adverse effects are like cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing deforestation, afforestation, and the implementation of ‘Carbon Tax.’ I believe these options are really great ideas and are what I would do too.polarbearicebergmelting

How Air Pollution Is Killing Us And Our Home

Air pollution  is killing us and the place in which we live. It is a major problem happening in the world right now that has a major effect on us and our home. It is increasing by the hour, minute, second. “ Air pollution is the introduction of many harmful substances into the earth’s atmosphere”. Air pollution causes diseases, allergies, harm or death to humans and animals. It also causes damage to food crops and the natural environment. Air pollution is the number one most harmful and worst pollution out of all seven types of pollution.


Just how is it killing us? Keep reading to find out!  Finally the answer you been waiting for.  It starts by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal from factories, oil and gasoline from your car. Those fuels end up in the air which people end up breathing in. That air that people are breathing in is not good and very very bad for your health. Since the air is very unhealthy it can cause harm or/and death to people and animals. Air pollution kills more than five million people each year. Most of air pollution is caused by the use of cars so possibly you and many others cause the death of many people.


Air pollution as you know does not only harm and kill people, it is also killing the place we live. Our home…. Earth!  How is it killing and harming the earth? Well the same as it goes for humans. Bad fuels are put into the air and that air is causing things like global warming and it is thinning the ozone layer. The ozone layer is located in the earth’s atmosphere and it shields our planet from the sun’s ultraviolet  radiation. The ozone layer thinning causes skin cancer and damage to the natural environment. Both of these problems are seriously harming and beginning to kill earth. Air pollution can be less harmful or stopped by you lacking down on use of you car. Also it could be stopped if certain factories find a better way to produce there products.  Picture Below!




Gun Control Laws Blog

Did you know over 850 innocent people have lost their lives by police officers this year, which is one of several reasons why I’m writing on this topic. The remainder of this blog will be my reasons why unqualified people should not have access to guns.

So many bank robberies, threats and shootings have happened over the time guns have existed. No matter how many laws are against guns, unqualified people still get their hands on them. It doesn’t matter who carries it, a gun can always be a risk. Even a trained soldier, police officer, or a security guard could accidentally kill or hurt someone else with a misused gun. If it’s an injury, where none of your major organs are, you can still die or be harmed. If you get shot in the foot, it won’t kill you but if not tended to you could bleed to death.

It may be hard to believe, but many people actually think how you can respawn in a game can really happen. If you try your hardest to tell people video games aren’t real they still won’t believe you. The reason I brought this up is because kids and sometimes older people get their hands on guns to PLAY!! They think it is a game. On several occasions, people have shot others and waited for them to respawn!

Even though parents and just everyday people lock up their guns, kids, robbers or unaware people can still get to them.They can still cause damage either by thinking it is a toy, not knowing what it is, maybe purposefully taking the gun for crimes of different assortments. Many innocent people have been accidentally killed this way.

A gun is not a toy. The gun or guns should be locked up and stored in a safe place where no one is going to get to them. People with guns should be properly trained with the use and storage. Children can get a hold of their parent’s improperly guns. Thinking it’s a toy they could shoot themselves or others which may lead to death. An example is a real story last year that took place in the states. A mother went shopping with her child. The mother had  a gun concealed  in her purse. While the mother had her back turned her child went into her purse found the gun. Thinking it was a toy the child was playing with it. Somehow it lead to him shooting his mother which lead to her death.

The above reasons are why I think any unqualified people should not have access to guns and their should be more gun laws against these kind of crimes. I wrote on this topic because I just wanted to show some insight to people who do not believe in the gun laws, if people do (I know some would) have reasons against these reasons that all will come down to personal opinions.


DId you know animals are being abused, well they’re many animals being abused like Elephants,Chickens,cat and Dogs.


There is a Organization called the Dumb Friends League,They’re a team of people that saving and stopping people abusing. This Dumb Friends League started their mission was to save and take care the abused animals and find a good owner. They have a website that you can checkout. HERE THE LINK: http://www.ddfl.org/about-us/our-story/

So please check it out, maybe you can help out with them and change the world or we can go out can and look for abused animal and help it.


Animal Extinction

They’re many animals are becoming extinct by pollution,human and wildlife, The animals are becoming extinct are Polar bears, Giant pandas, Rhinos, Snow leopards, Giraffes, Horses and Squirrels.

There’s people that helps the endangered animal called the Help The Wild and they also have a website here the link .http://www.worldanimalfoundation.net/wildlife.html

They have so many information about them.”By 2025 as many as one fifth of all animal species may be lost, gone forever. In recent times, hundreds of species have become extinct as a result of human activities” we made many so many endangered animals in the wild, so how about we repopulate the animals that is still alive struggling out there. Here some pictures of the extinct animal.


This organization helps the endangered animals by medication, warmth and food so they can live longer as they can. You can help save them by donating to website that save animals in need or you can help them in the wild .

This is why i think we should stop animal abuse and stopping endangered animals extinction .

More Animals Are Abused Then You Think…

Each year, over 5.7 trillion animals are abused. That’s more animals than people in Canada. This needs to stop. Here are a few pictures and one video that might help you make sure you can make a difference in this world too and help save those animals from getting abused. Everyone can help. Animals are becoming extinct, and the more animals that are getting abused and killed the population of all of the animals will decrease. These animals need our help. We need to speak up for the animals because they can’t.animalabuse1


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l3ZNkL7tas This link is a video telling you that you can help these animals and stating true facts about how we can’t always tell what’s going on behind closed doors. This video makes me realize how much hurt those animals are going through, just because their owner may have had a bad life. I still don’t think those people would have a right to abuse those animals no matter how much they had gone through.


This quote is extremely true. There is no excuse for the way people treat animals. No matter what. Also, the picture that is used with this quote is horrible. This is the way that humans make dogs stop barking. It’s horrible by the way people try and solve their problems with their dogs.

Cows are put in small cages that they can barely move around in. They’re chained by their necks in front of milk to drink. Their whole life they’re trapped in a small house until they’re hanged by their back legs to get cut to let the blood drain out. The way they treat animals are horrible and it needs to be stopped. Not only are pets abused, the animals you eat have been abused before it got into stores.


How One Plastic Bag You Drop Will Affect Our Planet.


Have you ever dropped a piece of garbage or a plastic bag? Well when you do you’re damaging our planet. Garbage is killing our marine life, and also pollutes the air and water.

Water Pollution

Litter ends up in the oceans and pollutes our water. 9 billion tons of litter travels into the ocean each year. Litter in the water is affecting our marine life. There are one million seabirds killed by garbage each year. 100 000 turtles, dolphins, whales and seals are killed by plastic bags that us humans drop each year. Animals in the water will try and eat the litter because they think it is food but they end up choking on it and dieing. They can also become very sick.

Effects On Nature

Garbage pollutes the air that we breathe and that the animals breathe. Litter can kill trees and plants because of its toxic substances. The pollution caused by litter will stop the growth of plants and crops that farmers grow and that we eat. Litter ruins the habitats of animals living outside.


When you litter you are harming your own safety. Us humans can develop harmful diseases and become ill from garbage laying around. $11.5 billion dollars is spent each year to clean up litter that we drop. Due to litter on the road there has been 500 000 car accidents. There is a very large spot in the ocean that is twice the size of Texas and is about nine feet deep.

We need to stop littering and think about our planet. Every time you drop a piece of garbage such as a small plastic bag you are harming nature and polluting the air and water. Be a good person and help our world stay clean by not littering.2f91471400000578-3370235-image-a-14_1450785281027