How Can We Stop Animal Abuse?


Dog farms abuse

                 How would you feel if you were hit,  pushed, have no food and locked up? Feel miserable right. That’s how some animals feel every day, especially in dog farms. In dog farms people lock dogs up for food. The cage’s are small meant for only one dog but instead they stuff 3-5 dogs in there.  How would you feel if you were in a small , small room? Or like in a coffin? That would freak me out. Dogs feel that every day on dog farms. They wimp, whine and cry. When mothers have pups the mother have no room to move, stand and  walk.. The mom of the pups just lay down and never move. She only gives milk to her pups. Then one day the pups get taken away from  their beloved mother and father. They take the dogs to a place where they skin the dogs and put them in malls to eat. We as Canadians should stop the dog farms in other countries


Every Day Abuse

                          Some people abuse animals because they’re mad or furious. Some don’t realize that there abusing animals. People abuse animals by hitting, not taken care of, abandoning them and punching hard. Pigs, cats, dogs, birds and more animals are feeling this every day. Some owners take care of them every day or try to, some abuse them. Animals are here to be loved. They don’t want any trouble, animals want to live a life. Even if they do something bad there’s no reason for hitting them or abusing them. Animals just want some love.


Here is a song about stop animal abuse.It’s Gotta Stop(The Animal Abuse Song) Video – YouTube