Pollution kills the earth

I made a blog because pollution kill the earth and we live on earth and that means that it is bad for you and you can die and are earth can turn into a garbage bin and we will die or we can go to space and we will not have much air to breath so it is a bad thing if you throw gradidge out your window or throwing on the ground and are lake and ocean are all full of gas and garbage and do you want to swim the the ocean and all of the animals in the ocean and the lakes are going to die and if you think that they are so pretty they are all going to be gone if we do not STOP POLLUTION and if you want to live on the earth then stop pollution that is the only thing that we can do and if you love other people like your family and your friends you should stop pollution because you will not see your friend ever again and you will not be able to play sports and play video games like stuff that you like you will not have none of that stuff. And you will not want to die and you can have a good life and have a long happy life if you do not thow garbige out on to the earth because if you thow garbige in the gabige  you can have the same thing because the garbige that you thow out can be reused and you can have as many as you want and we can stop the factory the mostly make most of the pollution and did you know that most of the water is pollution because of the fatorys and i made a blog about pollutoin because it needs to stop do you want the nest generashon to be helthy and to live long.I picked this video https://youtu.be/eRLJscAlk1M because it is the most powerful to me and others