Why we are Dying from Pollution?

Today Pollution is one of the biggest global issues, read more to how.

Pollution is killing our environment, killing plants, flowers and even us! We honestly need to stop polluting if we want this planet to have a bright future. We are putting wealth, buses, and money in front of our breathing air.

On of the biggest polluting thing is fossil fuels. We are burning fossil fuels to power our vehicles, and supply our large buildings. But kids in Beijing have to wear a breathing mask everyday because of the pollution from the burning of fossil fuels.

The big factories with all the smoke coming out. Those are killing us. That’s how we get sick from breathing that stuff in. It needs to end. This pollution is ruining our future, ruining our health, it takes just one person to make this change, then others will join  you.


There are many ways to try to stop this. Here are some ways below.


  • We can stop the massive burning of fossil fuels. It’s killing us and little children in Beijing.




  • We can stop the cutting down of trees, we cut down 2.47 million trees everyday, trees are great, we breath the air they are creating, the trees clean up our pollution, our carbon. Then we cut them down, burn them down. The burning is causing even more pollution, the big machines they cut them down with make pollution. We have cut down 50% of all of our trees in the last 100 years. Were doing this for money, were putting profit above people. Its disgraceful. Stop the Tree cutting down, it’s disgraceful.
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  • We can stop using nuclear energy. Stop the nuclear factories, its one of the most polluting thing on earth.




  • Gasoline cars, they pollute the Earth so much. Electric cars are the answer. But wait, the reason nobody is buying them is because they cost way to much. Lower the cost of electric cars to stop pollution. People will only buy gas cars because electric cars cost too much.


That is how, we can stop pollution, if you’re about to do one of these. Think about was your doing. Is it necessary.