How war changes children’s life?

While we sit in the comfort of our homes awaiting for Christmas, the amount of children orphaned due to the war in Syria is increasing every passing day. This war started by political conflict, has caused so much grief and pain to the citizens. One of the biggest issues are children losing their parents and becoming war orphans. There are over 3 million children being affected by the Syrian war. Many become all alone and need our help.

Wounded Syrian Kid Omran Daqneesh

As seen in this picture, this boy has lost his brother and as his mom is in critical state and he is in the bring of becoming an orphan. This is the case in most children in Syria. They are suffering injuries and witnessing violence, while losing their parents and becoming lost and alone. Also, they suffer from illnesses, malnourishment, abuse and the stress from not knowing when they will be bombed. This is something we will never be able to imagine and will never fully understand until experienced.

The solution would be for many countries such as Canada to accept them as refugees. Also to open up a Syrian orphanage centre for these children to learn English and to interact with others. I read in other articles, that the first thing that these orphaned kids draw is blood. This shows that they are traumatized from looking at the war and losing their family right in front of them. Therefore, it would be . At the same time, it is important to uphold their culture and religion by helping them settle in their new country and new life while being able to practice their traditions. Lastly, the greatest solution is to make them feel welcomed and provide as much love and support.

By: Lucy