save-treesTrees, and it needs to stop too many are being cut down there are 3-6 Billion Trees Cut Down a Year! Deforestation is permanent! We clear almost 18 million acres or 7 million hectares of forest each year which is close to the size of a small country, in order to make the land available for other uses. We don’t need to clear this much land because there is a lot of abandoned places like the Niagara square. We can use different materials to build houses and use abandoned buildings instead of cutting trees down in new places. Why can’t we just build around the trees? When we build houses only cut down what is needed. When we cut down the forest we are also destroying animal’s homes! We should find different ways to make stuff then using wood! What is made is not that important like candy wrappers or cereal boxes. But we can help fix these issues. We just need to plant back 2 trees when we cut one down and even more would be better. Right now 1.6 billion trees are planted back a year but it does not counter how many are being cut down! We need trees because they take the carbon dioxide and makes oxygen so we can breath. We can also use trees for food. Trees can produce 15 to 20 bushels of fruit each year. Trees also allow us to make medicine with the bark, leaves and roots. If you want to help, you can go paperless by not printing and use recycled products and materials. You could also go one step more and plant a tree!  So that is why I think we need to protect the trees and only cut down as much as we need. Don’t forget to hug a tree!