How You Can Save The World


In some places, they have littered so badly that the ground they walk on is just garbage and if you throw your garbage in the wrong bin it won’t disintegrate. One way you can save the world is by not throwing your garbage on the ground and putting your garbage and recycling in the proper bin. If you don’t know the proper bins just search it up on google and if you still can’t remember which bin is which then just make a sign and put it in each bin. Also, put your leftover food and diapers and tissues in the compost instead of the garbage.(The compost is the green bin) Another way that you save the world is by walking to places or bike riding instead of driving a car. If you need to go somewhere that is far away just get an electric bike and use that so when you get tired to can just make it automatic. And if you don’t want to do any of those things there are cars the are better for the environment. Such as electric cars that charged by solar power or waterfalls like the falls give us some of our energy. Another way you can help save the world is by not drinking water out of plastic bottles because ”1,500 plastic water bottles are consumed every second.” The solution for the problem is simple to get a water bottle, drink out of a tap, or get a filter and drink out of the tap.

  1. 120423050950-lebanon-landfill-horizontal-large-galleryI chose this first photo because it shows how landfills are overflowing and how random thing are getting thrown in. Such as garbage bags, tires, wood drawers, and water bottles.

2. litter-439851I chose this photo because in the photo you can see that the bus stop is covered in garbage.

Those are a few ways you can save the world.