Climate Change May Be More Severe Than You Think…

Climate change is one of today’s most pressing matters in the global community. Climate change is the change in weather patterns that have been the same for a long period of time.
You may ask how climate change happens, and I’ll tell  you. The sun keeps us warm by providing heat from its rays that it emits. The sun’s rays shine on Earth and the atmosphere bounces some back, but also traps some heat too. The atmosphere is like an insulation, and without that insulation, we will all freeze to death. The atmosphere is made up of gases and one of them is Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which also acts as one of the insulators in the atmosphere. Carbon is found in many places like plants and even in us! We release it in the form of a gaseous state (CO2) into the atmosphere by different activities like burning fossil fuels. In addition to releasing various greenhouse gases by natural phenomenon, more greenhouse gases are released by human activities (industrial etc.) Since we do that, the atmosphere has increased in percentage of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. “Today’s atmosphere contains 42 per cent more carbon dioxide than it did before the industrial era.”I found the quoted part here:
Some effects of climate change are … more frequent phenomenons like ‘El Niño and La Niña,’ unpredictable weather globally, the melting of polar icecaps, flooding of low lying land masses, adverse health conditions due to extreme weather, disruption of local ecosystem resulting in loss of plants and animals, endangerment of various species due to change in climatic conditions, and loss of life and property resulting in economic burden.
Being a big issue observed globally, there was an urgent need identified by all countries and various attempts were made to understand and rectify the problem with minimum impact to the economy.
Some ways countries are trying to reduce the adverse effects are like cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing deforestation, afforestation, and the implementation of ‘Carbon Tax.’ I believe these options are really great ideas and are what I would do too.polarbearicebergmelting


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