More Animals Are Abused Then You Think…

Each year, over 5.7 trillion animals are abused. That’s more animals than people in Canada. This needs to stop. Here are a few pictures and one video that might help you make sure you can make a difference in this world too and help save those animals from getting abused. Everyone can help. Animals are becoming extinct, and the more animals that are getting abused and killed the population of all of the animals will decrease. These animals need our help. We need to speak up for the animals because they can’t.animalabuse1 This link is a video telling you that you can help these animals and stating true facts about how we can’t always tell what’s going on behind closed doors. This video makes me realize how much hurt those animals are going through, just because their owner may have had a bad life. I still don’t think those people would have a right to abuse those animals no matter how much they had gone through.


This quote is extremely true. There is no excuse for the way people treat animals. No matter what. Also, the picture that is used with this quote is horrible. This is the way that humans make dogs stop barking. It’s horrible by the way people try and solve their problems with their dogs.

Cows are put in small cages that they can barely move around in. They’re chained by their necks in front of milk to drink. Their whole life they’re trapped in a small house until they’re hanged by their back legs to get cut to let the blood drain out. The way they treat animals are horrible and it needs to be stopped. Not only are pets abused, the animals you eat have been abused before it got into stores.



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