How One Plastic Bag You Drop Will Affect Our Planet.


Have you ever dropped a piece of garbage or a plastic bag? Well when you do you’re damaging our planet. Garbage is killing our marine life, and also pollutes the air and water.

Water Pollution

Litter ends up in the oceans and pollutes our water. 9 billion tons of litter travels into the ocean each year. Litter in the water is affecting our marine life. There are one million seabirds killed by garbage each year. 100 000 turtles, dolphins, whales and seals are killed by plastic bags that us humans drop each year. Animals in the water will try and eat the litter because they think it is food but they end up choking on it and dieing. They can also become very sick.

Effects On Nature

Garbage pollutes the air that we breathe and that the animals breathe. Litter can kill trees and plants because of its toxic substances. The pollution caused by litter will stop the growth of plants and crops that farmers grow and that we eat. Litter ruins the habitats of animals living outside.


When you litter you are harming your own safety. Us humans can develop harmful diseases and become ill from garbage laying around. $11.5 billion dollars is spent each year to clean up litter that we drop. Due to litter on the road there has been 500 000 car accidents. There is a very large spot in the ocean that is twice the size of Texas and is about nine feet deep.

We need to stop littering and think about our planet. Every time you drop a piece of garbage such as a small plastic bag you are harming nature and polluting the air and water. Be a good person and help our world stay clean by not littering.2f91471400000578-3370235-image-a-14_1450785281027


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