How Air Pollution Is Killing Us And Our Home

Air pollution  is killing us and the place in which we live. It is a major problem happening in the world right now that has a major effect on us and our home. It is increasing by the hour, minute, second. “ Air pollution is the introduction of many harmful substances into the earth’s atmosphere”. Air pollution causes diseases, allergies, harm or death to humans and animals. It also causes damage to food crops and the natural environment. Air pollution is the number one most harmful and worst pollution out of all seven types of pollution.


Just how is it killing us? Keep reading to find out!  Finally the answer you been waiting for.  It starts by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal from factories, oil and gasoline from your car. Those fuels end up in the air which people end up breathing in. That air that people are breathing in is not good and very very bad for your health. Since the air is very unhealthy it can cause harm or/and death to people and animals. Air pollution kills more than five million people each year. Most of air pollution is caused by the use of cars so possibly you and many others cause the death of many people.


Air pollution as you know does not only harm and kill people, it is also killing the place we live. Our home…. Earth!  How is it killing and harming the earth? Well the same as it goes for humans. Bad fuels are put into the air and that air is causing things like global warming and it is thinning the ozone layer. The ozone layer is located in the earth’s atmosphere and it shields our planet from the sun’s ultraviolet  radiation. The ozone layer thinning causes skin cancer and damage to the natural environment. Both of these problems are seriously harming and beginning to kill earth. Air pollution can be less harmful or stopped by you lacking down on use of you car. Also it could be stopped if certain factories find a better way to produce there products.  Picture Below!





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