Gun Control Laws Blog

Did you know over 850 innocent people have lost their lives by police officers this year, which is one of several reasons why I’m writing on this topic. The remainder of this blog will be my reasons why unqualified people should not have access to guns.

So many bank robberies, threats and shootings have happened over the time guns have existed. No matter how many laws are against guns, unqualified people still get their hands on them. It doesn’t matter who carries it, a gun can always be a risk. Even a trained soldier, police officer, or a security guard could accidentally kill or hurt someone else with a misused gun. If it’s an injury, where none of your major organs are, you can still die or be harmed. If you get shot in the foot, it won’t kill you but if not tended to you could bleed to death.

It may be hard to believe, but many people actually think how you can respawn in a game can really happen. If you try your hardest to tell people video games aren’t real they still won’t believe you. The reason I brought this up is because kids and sometimes older people get their hands on guns to PLAY!! They think it is a game. On several occasions, people have shot others and waited for them to respawn!

Even though parents and just everyday people lock up their guns, kids, robbers or unaware people can still get to them.They can still cause damage either by thinking it is a toy, not knowing what it is, maybe purposefully taking the gun for crimes of different assortments. Many innocent people have been accidentally killed this way.

A gun is not a toy. The gun or guns should be locked up and stored in a safe place where no one is going to get to them. People with guns should be properly trained with the use and storage. Children can get a hold of their parent’s improperly guns. Thinking it’s a toy they could shoot themselves or others which may lead to death. An example is a real story last year that took place in the states. A mother went shopping with her child. The mother had  a gun concealed  in her purse. While the mother had her back turned her child went into her purse found the gun. Thinking it was a toy the child was playing with it. Somehow it lead to him shooting his mother which lead to her death.

The above reasons are why I think any unqualified people should not have access to guns and their should be more gun laws against these kind of crimes. I wrote on this topic because I just wanted to show some insight to people who do not believe in the gun laws, if people do (I know some would) have reasons against these reasons that all will come down to personal opinions.


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