A Review On A Game I Call “Life”

This is a review of a game I call “Life”, Life is a game where you can make your own choices at any time unless somebody stops you if you do something bad. This game isn’t really fun unless you have a decent amount of money or else you will end up having no shelter. This game has a lot of bad things in it like murder, stealing, allegations, and kidnapping. All because of certain choices people made in this game. I don’t recommend this game however, you’re forced to play it until 60-100 years later. Once you end the game you can never play it again, I give it a 3/10.

Image result for the worldHowever this game is still in progress, there is no creator because the developer is us. We are the ones that make this game really bad or either really good. We can change this world to make sure we can get it ready for people who play it in the future! In our state, were living in a bad world where tons of people hate each other because of what? Drama. Drama happens all over the world now and why do we follow everybody who says something about somebody? Why? Because they’re “Popular” and that means they have more power over small people and other people can’t stand up because they’re focusing on challenges, the television, youtube, not caring about anybody else. Well now I have a challenge, make the world a better place to live in. I know we can make this world better because there is a nice person inside of everybody, don’t be scared, don’t be shot down by anybody who denies you, and especially don’t become a bad person. Why does everybody follow bad people and why do bad people say bad things about other people? I’ll tell you why, Money. Money is why more than 50% of the world is bad. We make everything terrible because of this little paper you get for doing it. Just Help, put your weapon that’s killing the world down and just help me.


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