1 Million Animals Abused Every Year?

Dear Reader I wanted to partake in something that I think is a BIG issue, Animal Abuse. This issue that needs to STOP. As my title says “1 Million Animals Abused Each Year?”You might think there is more, We are going to discover together, how many animals are abused each year and how we can stop this. I did some research and discovered approximately 7.6 million pets are sent into shelters each year nationwide. Now, as the title says “Animals” not “Pets”, Pets could be abused, which is not right either, But they could be sent into a shelter for different reasons as well.

Let’s watch a short video about how to stop Animal Abuse-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8vIO22wStE . After this video I hope you can see how Animal Abuse is NOT right! Animals should be treated the SAME way as us.

I believe that there is WAY more than 1 million animals abused each year, since of farms getting food from Cows, Pigs, Chickens, and Sheep. Also slaughterhouses killing over 56 billion farm animals die each year by humans. Some people say killing animals are not a type of Abuse, but there are more animals getting killed in Slaughterhouses than there are going into shelters to be saved. This means if the more animals are being killed than being saved, which could lead to extinction for farm animals. I have an idea that could help this problem, granted some people still will abuse their pet/animal but this will help the problem. I think people should come around to farms and see how the animals are being treated, see the establishment and what the animals are being used for. Also, people could make a type of Sanctuary to save the animals for our future generation to have these animals. This will help grow the population, until we have more of those certain animals. So if you want to sit around doing nothing about this problem you can, or you can help the future generation and save these animals, so what will you do?


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