Illegal drugs

People all over the world take drugs but there is a way to stop it. There are a lot of people who take drugs but if people stop buying drugs than people that make drugs will stop because they won’t make the money to continue making drugs. But the people who take drugs the most is people in high school, College, and university because it has most to do with pressure. They could ask their teacher for help or get a tutor to help instead of going  for drugs.keep-calm-and-don-t-do-drugs-125b15d

I chose this picture because its is talking about how drugs are bad for you and you should not take them. There are also many adults who take them for curtain reasons the only type of drug you should take is the one your doctor gives you.  It is a big problem because 47,000 die yearly in canada the numbers can decrease scientifically  if people don’t take them because of stress only because they’re sick and there doctor gave them the drugs. There are also many other ways to stop people that take or do drugs it can be a easy task if everyone works together and listens but the drug dealers will not stop so can be easy job if everyone works together. But there are people doing it around the world and this needs to stop. It will be hard and it will take many years but we can stop it together. Also we can help people that are already trying to stop it by donating or doing many other stuff to lower the rate of death or cancer caused by many drugs. But it might be hard for some so we should all work together to stop illegal drugs and save many lives well save many lives along the way.


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