Ever wonder what climate change is doing not only to us, but everything around us?  Climate change, also known as global warming is change in the earth’s weather. “Climate change primarily happens because humans use fossil fuels which releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air”. Because of climate change there are now lose of sea ice,rising sea levels, long/more intense heat waves,and rainfall. Lose of sea ice impacts the polar bears because now that the ice is melting they will have to swim and polar bears can only swim for so long. If they can’t make it to land,they end up drowning and dying. Soon polar bears will become extinct because of how many polar bears drown to their death. Rising sea levels mean there is more of a chance that someone will lose their house due to a tsunami or any other water storm. Long/more intense heat waves can make everyday things a little harder because of how hot it is. “Heat waves kill more people than any other nature disaster”. Rainfall is likely to be heavier in warmer climates. “This could lead to longer dry spells and a higher risk of floods”. Climate change can also cause wetter winters and drier summers. There are many ways we are able to stop climate change though,if we are more wise with what we use and what we do,sure enough climate change can end. For example replacing your home appliances with high efficiency models like LED light bulbs which last longer and don’t affect the environment as much and instead of using a car all the time maybe try walking or riding a bike to places. Hopefully in the near future climate change will no longer be a major environmental issue.yalenews_141168931


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