everything in the media isn’t actually true

clickbait-cursor-fishing-hookHave you ever been on the internet and seen something that you couldn’t believe well that might not be true. Well sometime it’s the title which is called clickbait it is used in youtube videos, instagram accounts and even twitter accounts says to follow them and a video will come up or the other end that the instagram post cut off so you couldn’t see it. Also in youtube videos the thumbnail is completely fake for example it says how to make a movie projector with a water bottle and some tape!!  But usually never happens they will either bring you to a website or show you something completely different.




Some websites may be completely fake people make things up to get more views, followers and subscribers. Other people use fake names on website which is also illegal to give fake names on line. Often people make things look and sound way more realistic by getting friends to say it is really reliable but it is completely fake.




People on youtube come up with amazing was to get people to watch their videos for example Roman attwood, Pewdiepie and kwebblecop are all notorious for using clickbait. A lot of DIY youtubers say you can make this in three easy steps like glow in the dark apples but stuff almost never works but some people like Threadbanger never gives fake info and puts pinterest DIYs to the test and tries to make them legitimately.


Instagram and Twitteruhugfhfbunnamed


Instagram and twitter always has people cutting videos at the right moment and say to follow someone and you finally follow them and they don’t even show it in any or their posts or their account doesn’t even post anything of that type. Also people cop videos from youtube and post it on their instagram or twitter which is completely plagiarism.




These problems are all over social media so don’t fail on a test just because of these people so find someone with correct info or ask someone who will know about it or even in your free time look for fake websites so you know for later or watch to see how many videos have clickbait or wrong information.


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