How Can We Stop Animal Abuse?


Dog farms abuse

                 How would you feel if you were hit,  pushed, have no food and locked up? Feel miserable right. That’s how some animals feel every day, especially in dog farms. In dog farms people lock dogs up for food. The cage’s are small meant for only one dog but instead they stuff 3-5 dogs in there.  How would you feel if you were in a small , small room? Or like in a coffin? That would freak me out. Dogs feel that every day on dog farms. They wimp, whine and cry. When mothers have pups the mother have no room to move, stand and  walk.. The mom of the pups just lay down and never move. She only gives milk to her pups. Then one day the pups get taken away from  their beloved mother and father. They take the dogs to a place where they skin the dogs and put them in malls to eat. We as Canadians should stop the dog farms in other countries


Every Day Abuse

                          Some people abuse animals because they’re mad or furious. Some don’t realize that there abusing animals. People abuse animals by hitting, not taken care of, abandoning them and punching hard. Pigs, cats, dogs, birds and more animals are feeling this every day. Some owners take care of them every day or try to, some abuse them. Animals are here to be loved. They don’t want any trouble, animals want to live a life. Even if they do something bad there’s no reason for hitting them or abusing them. Animals just want some love.


Here is a song about stop animal abuse.It’s Gotta Stop(The Animal Abuse Song) Video – YouTube



How war changes children’s life?

While we sit in the comfort of our homes awaiting for Christmas, the amount of children orphaned due to the war in Syria is increasing every passing day. This war started by political conflict, has caused so much grief and pain to the citizens. One of the biggest issues are children losing their parents and becoming war orphans. There are over 3 million children being affected by the Syrian war. Many become all alone and need our help.

Wounded Syrian Kid Omran Daqneesh

As seen in this picture, this boy has lost his brother and as his mom is in critical state and he is in the bring of becoming an orphan. This is the case in most children in Syria. They are suffering injuries and witnessing violence, while losing their parents and becoming lost and alone. Also, they suffer from illnesses, malnourishment, abuse and the stress from not knowing when they will be bombed. This is something we will never be able to imagine and will never fully understand until experienced.

The solution would be for many countries such as Canada to accept them as refugees. Also to open up a Syrian orphanage centre for these children to learn English and to interact with others. I read in other articles, that the first thing that these orphaned kids draw is blood. This shows that they are traumatized from looking at the war and losing their family right in front of them. Therefore, it would be . At the same time, it is important to uphold their culture and religion by helping them settle in their new country and new life while being able to practice their traditions. Lastly, the greatest solution is to make them feel welcomed and provide as much love and support.

By: Lucy

How You Can Save The World


In some places, they have littered so badly that the ground they walk on is just garbage and if you throw your garbage in the wrong bin it won’t disintegrate. One way you can save the world is by not throwing your garbage on the ground and putting your garbage and recycling in the proper bin. If you don’t know the proper bins just search it up on google and if you still can’t remember which bin is which then just make a sign and put it in each bin. Also, put your leftover food and diapers and tissues in the compost instead of the garbage.(The compost is the green bin) Another way that you save the world is by walking to places or bike riding instead of driving a car. If you need to go somewhere that is far away just get an electric bike and use that so when you get tired to can just make it automatic. And if you don’t want to do any of those things there are cars the are better for the environment. Such as electric cars that charged by solar power or waterfalls like the falls give us some of our energy. Another way you can help save the world is by not drinking water out of plastic bottles because ”1,500 plastic water bottles are consumed every second.” The solution for the problem is simple to get a water bottle, drink out of a tap, or get a filter and drink out of the tap.

  1. 120423050950-lebanon-landfill-horizontal-large-galleryI chose this first photo because it shows how landfills are overflowing and how random thing are getting thrown in. Such as garbage bags, tires, wood drawers, and water bottles.

2. litter-439851I chose this photo because in the photo you can see that the bus stop is covered in garbage.

Those are a few ways you can save the world.

Why we are Dying from Pollution?

Today Pollution is one of the biggest global issues, read more to how.

Pollution is killing our environment, killing plants, flowers and even us! We honestly need to stop polluting if we want this planet to have a bright future. We are putting wealth, buses, and money in front of our breathing air.

On of the biggest polluting thing is fossil fuels. We are burning fossil fuels to power our vehicles, and supply our large buildings. But kids in Beijing have to wear a breathing mask everyday because of the pollution from the burning of fossil fuels.

The big factories with all the smoke coming out. Those are killing us. That’s how we get sick from breathing that stuff in. It needs to end. This pollution is ruining our future, ruining our health, it takes just one person to make this change, then others will join  you.


There are many ways to try to stop this. Here are some ways below.


  • We can stop the massive burning of fossil fuels. It’s killing us and little children in Beijing.




  • We can stop the cutting down of trees, we cut down 2.47 million trees everyday, trees are great, we breath the air they are creating, the trees clean up our pollution, our carbon. Then we cut them down, burn them down. The burning is causing even more pollution, the big machines they cut them down with make pollution. We have cut down 50% of all of our trees in the last 100 years. Were doing this for money, were putting profit above people. Its disgraceful. Stop the Tree cutting down, it’s disgraceful.
  • .save-trees




  • We can stop using nuclear energy. Stop the nuclear factories, its one of the most polluting thing on earth.




  • Gasoline cars, they pollute the Earth so much. Electric cars are the answer. But wait, the reason nobody is buying them is because they cost way to much. Lower the cost of electric cars to stop pollution. People will only buy gas cars because electric cars cost too much.


That is how, we can stop pollution, if you’re about to do one of these. Think about was your doing. Is it necessary.




save-treesTrees, and it needs to stop too many are being cut down there are 3-6 Billion Trees Cut Down a Year! Deforestation is permanent! We clear almost 18 million acres or 7 million hectares of forest each year which is close to the size of a small country, in order to make the land available for other uses. We don’t need to clear this much land because there is a lot of abandoned places like the Niagara square. We can use different materials to build houses and use abandoned buildings instead of cutting trees down in new places. Why can’t we just build around the trees? When we build houses only cut down what is needed. When we cut down the forest we are also destroying animal’s homes! We should find different ways to make stuff then using wood! What is made is not that important like candy wrappers or cereal boxes. But we can help fix these issues. We just need to plant back 2 trees when we cut one down and even more would be better. Right now 1.6 billion trees are planted back a year but it does not counter how many are being cut down! We need trees because they take the carbon dioxide and makes oxygen so we can breath. We can also use trees for food. Trees can produce 15 to 20 bushels of fruit each year. Trees also allow us to make medicine with the bark, leaves and roots. If you want to help, you can go paperless by not printing and use recycled products and materials. You could also go one step more and plant a tree!  So that is why I think we need to protect the trees and only cut down as much as we need. Don’t forget to hug a tree!

Why We Need to Stand Up To Animal Abuse

We need to stand up to animal abuse because it is wrong and they do not deserve to be treated this way, they do not have a voice so we need to be that voice. Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside barren cages in laboratories across the country. They languish in pain, suffer from extreme frustration, ache with loneliness, and long to be free. Over 3.4 million cats are abused each year and over 3.9 million dogs get abused and approximately 7.6 million animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year.


Some of the types of abuse are  Neglect, Hoarding, Shooting, Fighting, Beating, Mutilation, Throwing, Stabbing, Burning, Vehicular. Dogs  are chained up all day without food, water and shelter. They have Untreated wounds. They somethings have to stay in freezing cold winter with nothing, in some countries the animals would work all day with no rest or food and water.


In my opinion animal abuse is a disgrace to humanity, animals are being testing on even though they have done nothing to us. I feel that we should tests are projects on humans that have killed people or have committed horrible crimes. It is not far that they get the punishment, people who have done horrible things should be the ones get this punishment


Their our many organizations like the “Best Friends Animal Society”, “Dumb Friends League”, “Humane Society Of The United States”, “PetSmart Charities”, “San Diego Humane Society and SPCA” San Francisco SPCA” that protect animal rights. And help stop animal abuse/testing. They also rescue animals and put them in shelters , they make sure the animals find a loving home


Stop Animal Abuse – YouTube I found a video that tells you what animal abuse is and how to stop it. It also show very heartbreaking photos


We should definitely stop animal abuse a fast as possible.


Pollution kills the earth

I made a blog because pollution kill the earth and we live on earth and that means that it is bad for you and you can die and are earth can turn into a garbage bin and we will die or we can go to space and we will not have much air to breath so it is a bad thing if you throw gradidge out your window or throwing on the ground and are lake and ocean are all full of gas and garbage and do you want to swim the the ocean and all of the animals in the ocean and the lakes are going to die and if you think that they are so pretty they are all going to be gone if we do not STOP POLLUTION and if you want to live on the earth then stop pollution that is the only thing that we can do and if you love other people like your family and your friends you should stop pollution because you will not see your friend ever again and you will not be able to play sports and play video games like stuff that you like you will not have none of that stuff. And you will not want to die and you can have a good life and have a long happy life if you do not thow garbige out on to the earth because if you thow garbige in the gabige  you can have the same thing because the garbige that you thow out can be reused and you can have as many as you want and we can stop the factory the mostly make most of the pollution and did you know that most of the water is pollution because of the fatorys and i made a blog about pollutoin because it needs to stop do you want the nest generashon to be helthy and to live long.I picked this video because it is the most powerful to me and others